We're proud to say that Chorzzz is now available on the UK App Store. If all goes well in the UK we'll release Chorzzz in more markets in the coming months...

Kids giving you attitude because you’re nagging ‘em to do their Chores? We have just the app for you! Chorzzz replaces the traditional sticker chart stuck to the fridge/freezer with modern technology. It lets you create and assign chores to your kids. You can choose to award pocket money bonuses for chores well done. Comes with a handy prod function to gently nudge them along.

Chorzzz is brought to you by Ron DuCros. It's an app written for my family. I hope you find it saves you time which means more time with your family.

What is Chorzzz?

Getting Started with Chorzzz...

Chorzzz works best if everyone (adults and children) have their own devices. It’s also possible to use a single device shared amongst everyone (using a device PIN code).

Device Requirements: iPhone or iPad, Requires iOS 8.0 or later

More information about Chorzzz

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